CHoculus Review: Desert Ride Coaster

Price: Free
State: Finished
Intensity: Moderate
TL/DR: Alright, but surpassed by others

Official description

RollerCoaster that will take you to ride in desert canyons and mines. Synced with music track composed by Dalphon and Violee.


A short free experience that takes you on a minecart style roller coaster through a desert/mineshaft environment. The visual design of the roller coaster is satisfactory and the music is nice. Unfortunately the ride itself is quite jerky, giving me a moderate amount of motion sickness. The ride is short enough that I can easily make it through though. In terms of the roller coaster experience I prefer the NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation Demo on Steam but this one has the advantage of a more seamless integration with Oculus.


If you don’t have Steam or are simply looking for free very straightforward roller coaster demo this is an alright choice.