CHoculus Review: Immersive Combat (Trailer)

Price: Free
State: Episodic, ongoing
Intensity: Comfortable
TL/DR: Severely lacking in production quality

Official description

Spherica introduces the first-ever action series in 360 VR. Place yourself in the heart of the action where fantasy meets reality for a pure, uncompromised VR experience. Vikings and pirates, steampunk and cyberpunk – immerse yourself in the battle with world champions in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Medieval Combat.

Immersive Combat is an ambitious virtual reality project shot with unique proprietary hardware which enables camera movement in 360 VR video. This first-ever action series, consisting of over a dozen films to premiere in 2016, takes you to places you could never imagine.


The trailer for this VR series starts with several scenes of aerial footage showing actors in various gettups like knights, pirates, vikings and latex catsuit fighters. This is followed by a number of fighting scenes: A jousting match, a ship-based boarding fight, dual wielding sword fight, spear and shield fight, hand fan fight? boxing match on a swimming platform??? and hot latex suit ladder climbing!

While I have to give the creators credit for serving quite a variety of fanbases I don’t quite see the need for this to be a VR title. This is all just a 360 video with very little head turning necessary. This would work just as well on a simple screen (for the most part).

So how is the fighting? Unfortunately not really good. The hand fan „fight“ is probably the stylistically most appealing scene with two women swinging their fans at each other. The fans leave these colored swish trails in the air. The slow motion makes it nice to watch but turns it into more of a dance than „combat“. The unarmed fight is very poorly choreographed with the „punch“ clearly ending way short of the target and *then* being „intercepted“ by a block. The boxing match on the swimming platform is about the same but at least gives us the cheesy ending of one fighter being kicked into the water. The spear and shield fight consists entirely of two actors taking turns poking the other guy’s shield with their spear and the dual wielding sword fight is only slightly more interesting. I’ve seen way better choreography and cinematography in Ryan vs Dorkman. One one hand, this being only a trailer, tempts me to be somewhat forgiving but on the other hand this, being a trailer, is *exactly* where they would have needed to impress the most.


The VR platform choice feels ill suited for the project and the demonstrated fighting choreography is severly lacking.